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# Download the latest Ravencoin wallet from [ Ravencoin github] or [ Ravencoin official website]. Install it and get a receiving address. Be sure to [[FAQ#How_do_I_backup_my_wallet.dat_file.3F|back up your wallet]]. Remember to check the '''[[Mining#Best_Practices | Best Practices]]''' page to keep your coins safe. Note: do not use special characters for your passphrase when encrypting the wallet.
# Select a pool from the '''[[Pools]]''' page. Broadly speaking, your mining rewards should average out over time, whether you join a large pool or a small one. Please consider pointing your miner(s) at smaller pools so as to distribute the hashrate and improve network health/security. You can [ check pool sizes here]. Choosing a pool near your geographic location is suggested.
# Download a GPU miner. Several are available, but for the purposes of this quick start guide, we are going to use '''official open-source miner [ kawpowminer](Nvidia+AMD)''', There are other miners available, like *[ T-Rex] (Nvidia), *[ NBMiner] (Nvidia+AMD), *[ TT-Miner] (Nvidia), *[ GMiner] (Nvidia), *[ nanominer] (AMD), and *[ z-enemy] (Nvidia). Please note that all of those alternative miners are closed source and should be used at your own risk. Best practice: do not use closed source mining software on a machine containing personal or sensitive data.
# Extract the kawpowminer folder, there is no .bat file included, so we'll have to make one ourselves. Create a text-file, and rename it to RVN.bat (make sure it's not RVN.bat.txt - you may have to [ disable "hide extensions for known file types"] on Windows). Edit the newly created .bat (right click the file and select edit).
kawpowminer -U -P stratum+tcp://<WALLET_ADDR><.WORKER><:PASSWORD>@HOSTNAME:PORT


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