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Keep an eye on your temperatures, since x16rv2 is core heavy. High heat will reduce performance. Try to stay in the 65 degree range.
== AMD cards sgminer flags ==
=== AMD miners ===
*'''Avermore 1.0''' [ Brianmct's Avermore] Avermore initial release. Initial tests show 10% speedup over ace's sgminer-gm-x16r. Optimized x16r / x16s kernels.
*sgminer 5.5.5-gm-a [ acenine].
*sgminer 5.5.6-brianmct [ brian112358].
=== Example for amd cards ===
Wallet is dev fund donation
sgminer -k x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u RBjAZ4fgoXfMC1ujzs7XKreMxJAL1r9fhT.VegaFrontier -p C=RVN -X 256
=== Common sgminer flags ===
--gpu-platform 1 , Sets GPU platform. --gpu-platform 2 for only amd cards. Try platform 0 if system has no IGPU.
-X 256 , Argument: one value or a comma (,) delimited list GPU Xintensity between 1 and 9999. Shader based intensity of GPU scanning. Overridden by rawintensity and overrides intensity. Thanks to wolf0 for update on flags to use. With Polaris cards a good start value is -X 256 -g 2 , if not using -g 2 try -X 1024.
-g 2 ,or --gpu-threads 2 , set threads pr gpu, can give higher hashrate if your cpu can handle it. Keep it under 13 threads total, or sgminer might crash on boot. default is 1. Argument: one value or (,) delimited list GPU threads.
-w 256 , Sets worksize. Amount of work handled by GPUs per work request. Try different values on older cards,64, 128 or 256.
-d 0,1,2,3 , Devices specify what cards to use.
--config failover.conf load a config file.
RX 4x0 and 5x0 series cards seems to run good with -X 256 to 384, some good reports on 512 as well. To high for the card and performance goes down.
Outdated flags:
--thread-concurrency 1024 , '''Outdated''', use -X instead. Number of concurrent threads per GPU for mining. One value or a comma (,) delimited list.
-I N , Do NOT use, '''use -X instead'''. Intensity of GPU scanning. A lower value, will free up resources if you want to use your GPU for other tasks as well.
[ Github has all the flags]
[ Brianmct has a dedicated page for '''Optimization''']
BBT Carter shows us how to get RX 580s to 8 MH/s [ BitsBeTrippin Youtube] (using "old" -I flag).
=== Failover AMD ===
Failover config, make a file named failover.conf in the same folder as the bat file, with the following format, remember to add ' --config failover.conf ' in bat file :
"pools": [
"name": "Mining Panda",
"nfactor": "10",
"algorithm": "x16r",
"quota": "1;stratum+tcp://",
"user": "RBjAZ4fgoXfMC1ujzs7XKreMxJAL1r9fhT.VegaFrontier",
"pass": "c=RVN,titanV"
"name": "Raven Yiimp",
"nfactor": "10",
"algorithm": "x16r",
"quota": "1;stratum+tcp://",
"user": "RBjAZ4fgoXfMC1ujzs7XKreMxJAL1r9fhT.VegaFrontier",
"pass": "c=RVN,titanV"
"name": "Raven minepool",
"nfactor": "10",
"algorithm": "x16r",
"quota": "1;stratum+tcp://",
"user": "RBjAZ4fgoXfMC1ujzs7XKreMxJAL1r9fhT.VegaFrontier",
"pass": "c=RVN,titanV"
"api-port": "4028",
"failover-only": true
Example bat file with configured failover:
sgminer --config failover.conf --gpu-platform 1 -g 2 -X 256
== Additional info ==
=== Avermore & Nevermore Wikis ===
Brianmct has wiki pages on github for his miners.
* Avermore [ wiki]
* Avermore [ Getting started]
* Avermore [ Optimizing Hashrate]
* Avermore [ Troubleshooting]
* Nevermore [ Nevermore-wiki]
* Nevermore [ Nevermore on ethOS Linux]
* How to solomine with Nevermore, available from version 0.2 [ Solo wiki] Network hash / your hash = average mins to find a block. Not recommended unless you have at least 0,5% of network hash.
=== Troubleshoot ===


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