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This page provides guidance on mining Ravencoinwith the x16rv2 algorithm. Anohter, more ASIC-resistant algorithm is currently in development. Blockchain and mining code change often, . This information can and this information is subject to will change at a moment's notice. Keep yourself and your software up to date by [ joining the community.] Subscribe to the [ Ravencoin Updates mailing list.] Join [ the Discord] or [ the Telegram server] and request mining help. Pass on your expertise where you can. This is your community too. The following information is current and accurate as of December 3, 2019.
=== Quick Start ===
Make sure you're downloading software from trusted sources. There have been reports of some miners possibly including malware, whilst this isn't confirmed it's down to you to exercise caution installing anything on your machines. The GitHub links to Ravencoin, MSFTserver and Brianmct's miners have been used by lots in the community and are generally trusted. Malware comes in different forms [ cryptomining campaign returns coal not diamond]Be skeptical and vigilant.
=== Common flags for both sgminer & ccminer ===
-u login/wallet
On pools with registration ie we use our register account here with the following syntax;
-u LOGIN.workername
Pools were we use our wallet as login, the syntax is similar
-u WALLET.rigname
It is considered best practices to only use letters and numbers, no white space or special chars.
-p x
password/options, on pools with registered users this is your password field ie Pools with wallet as user name, we can often set options her, like c=RVN specifies coin, d=16 sets stratum (start on some)difficulty, and rigname. Separate the different options with a comma.
-p c=RVN,d=28,titanv
It is considered best practices to only use letters and numbers, no white space or special chars.
== Nvidia cards ccminer flags ==
=== Nvidia miners ===
*'''Nevermore''' [ brian112358] (Optimized '''25% faster''' version of original ccminer 2.2.5. Compiled version includes a 1% dev fee).
*Suprminer [ ocminer]. Fork of Nevermore, no devfee.
*ccminer 2.2.5 [ tpruvot's main release]. An updated version with x16r included in tpruvot's main release.
*ccminer 2.2.5 [ hosted by MSFTserver]. This was the first full GPU miner for x16r, it is superseded by the miners above.
=== Example for nvidia cards ===
Wallet is dev fund donation,updated
ccminer -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u RBjAZ4fgoXfMC1ujzs7XKreMxJAL1r9fhT.titanV -p c=RVN,titanv -i 20 -N 600
=== Common ccminer flags ===
-N 600 , --statsavg number of samples used to display hashrate (default: 30) Gives a better display of average hashrate.
-q , --quiet disable per-thread hashmeter output
-r 5 , --retries=N number of times to retry if a network call fails (default: retry indefinitely) Needed for simple failover script.
-i 20 , --intensity=N[,N] GPU threads per call 8-25 (2^N + F, default: 0=auto) Decimals and multiple values are allowed for fine tuning.
-d 0,1,2,3 , --devices gives a comma separated list of CUDA device IDs to operate on. Device IDs start counting from 0! Alternatively, give string names of your card like gtx780ti or gt640#2 (matching 2nd gt640 in the PC).
-c, --config=FILE load a JSON-format configuration file can be from an url with the http:// prefix
[ All the flags for ccminer/nevermore]


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