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# Download a GPU miner. Several are available, but for the purposes of this quick start guide, one of the most popular miners, [ T-Rex, is linked]. Please note that this software is closed source and should be used at your own risk. Best practice: do not use closed source mining software on a machine containing personal or sensitive data. [ Open source code is available here], but will require compiling. This is beyond the scope of this article. Further, the open source miner performs poorly compared to T-Rex or Zenemy miners.
#For this example, we will point our hashrate at Minermore. The T-Rex software is more or less pre-configured for this, and will require only a few inputs. Minermore requires you to [ register a username], so do that now before continuing.
# Extract the T-Rex folder, open the "config_example" file, and change the appropriate information (right click the file and select a program like notepad or notepad++). For <code>""user": "RQVg3n5nH7uFeyTV8sz5yCTMPREsJXTsY5"</code>, replace the quoted Ravencoin address with your mining address (generated earlier). For <code>"CHANGETHIS.worker"</code>, replace <code>"YOURUSERNAME</code> with the username you generated in the previous step. Minermore does not require a password for your worker, so you may disregard this in your configuration file.
# Open "RVN-minermore" in the T-Rex folder. After a brief delay, text should begin scrolling (and your GPU(s) will begin generating a bit of heat and noise). If your configuration is correct, you will see your hashrate displayed in Megahash per second (MHs). Otherwise, any errors will display and you may need to reconfigure appropriately.
# If you cannot resolve these issues through your own trial and error, consider reaching out to the community of miners on our Discord or Telegram servers (linked above).


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