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=== Quick start ===
# Download the wallet from [ Ravencoin github], install and get a receiving address, be . Be sure to [[FAQ#How_do_I_backup_my_wallet.dat_file.3F|Backup wallet]]. Remember to check '''[[Mining#Best_Practises | Best Practises]]''' page to keep your coins safe. Note: do not use special chars for our passphrase when encrypting the wallet.
# Select a pool from the '''[[Pools]]''' page - or find one on the [ BitCoinTalk ANN] Small or Big pool does not matter, it will average out over time. Help the network by spreading the hash to a small or medium pool. Check pool sizes on [ rvnstats]. Choosing a pool close to our miners can improve pool hashrate.
# Download the GPU miner from GitHub links below. There is a side by side test in our [[FAQ#Which_miner_is_best.3F|FAQ: Which miner is best]]. We need [ VSredist2013].


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