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Current Layout

  • Main page: needs to be less boring and more structured and
    • Include the latest news from 'Forks and updates'
    • NEW: add Companies using RVN: a list showing which companies use the raven network, it gets them some easy publicity, it shows the legitimate use and growth, and we can create transparency and clarity about use cases. I think this should be on the front page as it is a good indicator for adoption.
  • Assets: -> Guides
  • Testnet: -> development (mapple) added the majority of the testnet page to development - dropped some of it as I didn't think it was still needed.
  • Community: needs a big update
  • Development: ok
  • Electrum & ledger: -> Guides
  • Mining: needs better structure and up to date info
  • Troubleshoot: -> FAQ and needs better structure and up to date info This needs to go to wallets and mining
  • FAQ: needs better structure and up to date info
  • Best practises: -> FAQ This needs to go to wallets and mining
  • Tools: title is too vague. People look for specific things, like explorers, miners, wallets. We should focus on those as main pages
  • Explorers: ok
  • Exchanges: ok
  • Raspberry node: Amazing! (i'm biased ;)) -> guides
  • Legal: -> Exchanges - (mapple) I think this can just be removed from main menu - there's already a link to the document in (jeroz) I AGREE. Done :)
  • Wallets: needs better structure and up to date info
  • Marketing: hardly anything in there. -> FAQ (mapple) copied the little bit of content to end of FAQ which still needs work.
  • Road ahead: outdated -> move the info that is still up to date to development. (mapple) I think just remove from Main menu - it's all fairly dated and available elsewhere jeroz: Agee, its gone
  • Fenton Files: Remove/stop? I think we need to break free from a single individual. Presentations/interviews to 'in the news'. (mapple) Agree - just remove from Main menu - most interesting messages are pinned in discord anyway. jeroz:Agee, its gone
  • News articles: split articles written about Raven from articles written for Raven:
    • NEW: In the News: articles and videos from journalists and media etc.
    • NEW: RVN Guides: Articles, youtube vids, etc such as Tron's medium articles and other How To guides. for the community, and an personalities who are looking into Raven.
  • Forks and updates: -> Latest news should be on the main page. The rest should be available under development.
  • Use cases: A collection of use cases (More in depth on the companies, Lemonade stands, STOs, Data usage, decentralized web, etc)

Proposed layout

  • Main page (intro + latest news + companies)
  • NEW: Using RVN: (more in depth use cases, this needs new content) Using Ravencoin
  • NEW: In the News (articles from outsiders about ravencoin) In the News
  • NEW: Guides (Information and guides for Ravencoin) Guides
  • Development (Blockchain updates, Roadmap Phases, etc) Development
  • Explorers (as current, but a more focused page. It currently links to tools) Explorers
  • Exchanges (as current) Exchange
  • Wallets (as current but updated, also use links to the wallet guides on the guides page) Wallets
  • Mining (as current but updated, also use links to the mining guides on the guides page) Mining
  • Community (as current but updated) Community
  • FAQ (integrate Marketing, and FAQ into an updated FAQ)
  • I added Other Tools, as I did not find a good place to put them (jeroz)