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Welcome to the RavenCoin Wiki

About RavenCoin

RavenCoin is an open source project built on a fork of the bitcoin code. RavenCoin aims to implement a blockchain which is optimized specifically for the use case of transferring assets such as tokens from one holder to another.

To avoid centralized ASIC mining of RavenCoin the developers created a new algorithm, x16r. This algorithm is unique because the order of the 16 hashing algorithms is constantly changed based on the hash of the previous block. This randomness of hashing algorithms makes it reasonably resistant to ASIC development. A more detailed explanation of the algorithm can be found here

RavenCoin was launched on the 3rd of January 2018. A fair launch with no pre-mine. Announced on twitter:

A video of the first RavenCoin Dev meet up (mid Feb 2018) is available here

At the time of launch the core team is funded via a subsidiary of - the CEO of Overstock can be seen talking about RavenCoin here.


RavenCoin ANN thread on BitCoinTalk.



Mining RavenCoin

Getting Started - comprehensive article on

RavenCoin on GitHub - for wallet downloads

GPU miner download


BitsBeTripping - So what is x16r Algo, how can you mine it? Ravencoin Deep Dive

RavenCoin Stats

RavenCoin Explorer

Other useful stuff

People on twitter: Raven Twitter

RavenCoin in the media: RavenCoin Media