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email contact with [email protected] 17 Apr 2018 by @mapple

Keepkey: Thanks for your feedback! It is exciting to hear about all the projects and assets our customers use. As you might imagine, we get a lot of requests to add new assets to KeepKey. This email will give you high-level overview of how we decide which new cryptoassets to prioritize.

The minimum requirements for adding support for an asset to KeepKey are:

  1. Listed by ShapeShift - Our integration with ShapeShift assumes that all supported coins are listed there.
  2. Insight API available - The KeepKey client relies on the Insight API to get blockchain data about each coin.
  3. Strong and sizable community - This is a factor in the financial analysis described below.
  4. An establish, stable value for the cryptoasset.

One final factor is a little more squishy and hard to define. At the end of the day, the question that we ask is whether adding a new cryptoasset will create a substantial and sustained bump in our sales. There are upfront costs and recurring costs associated with adding a cryptoasset. We have to reasonably believe that adding it can cover these costs through increased revenue.

After all of that, we have to prioritize the engineering and marketing efforts that will be needed to complete the integration against other cryptoassets and features on our roadmap.

I wish you the best with your new cryptocurrency. If you feel that the above requirements can be met and that a strong financial case can be made for integrating your new cryptoasset, please reply to this email and we can have further conversations.

Thanks for your interest in KeepKey.

Mapple: Thanks for the detailed response.

To be honest I don't think Ravencoin is there yet. I'm going to log your response on our wiki as something to revisit if and when Ravencoin gets more widely adopted.

Keepkey: We hope we are able to adopt it in the future! Please also consider reaching out to ShapeShift. They have a form that you can add Ravencoin to and that will put it up for consideration for ShapeShift support.