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Exchange FAQ

Contact Information

To contact the community please use Discord.

Exchange Liaison

Greg Doermann is the current community appointed exchange liaison.

Discord Handle: haxmat#0554

Discord Channel: #exchange-liaison

Korean Exchanges Contact

Name: Bradar

Email: [email protected]

Role: Assigned to work over listing on Korean exchanges

Concerns / Issues

If you have concerns or issues on your exchange and would like help from the community we have the following discord channels setup:

  • Security: #security
  • Compliance: #compliance
  • Technical: #development
  • Marketing: #marketing
  • General Questions: #helpdesk

If you would like to have your dedicated discord channel we can accommodate you under the EXCHANGE-SUPPORT group. Please contact the exchange liaison to coordinate.

Coin Information


Bitcoin code base and possible adjustments

  • Code base: Bitcoin core 0.15.1
  • Block and transaction serialization: No change in serialization but the proof-of-work hash in the block header is x16r.
  • PoW algo: x16r
  • RPC block id hash function: No change, it reports the block id hash from the block header.
  • Transaction id hash function: No change
  • Cryptographic signature algorithm: No change, it operates on a different chain, and uses the same signature algorithm as bitcoin.
  • Scripts for transactions: No change, but the first byte of the address is modified so that RVN addresses start with 'R' and P2SH addresses start with 'r'
  • Script language: No change

Description of Token

Ravencoin is an open source project with no owner, no company, no ICO, no pre- mine, no developer set-aside, RVN is a community owned project in the same vein as Bitcoin, but with a slightly different goal. With a built-in asset layer and a fully asset-aware client, RVN is designed for the tokenization and transfer of assets in a way that neither BTC nor ETH were ever intended to be. Boasting features like built-in messaging for token issuers and the option to automatically distribute dividends, RVN is also perfectly suited for security tokens. Ravencoin is mined via a new custom algorithm known as X16r, which is ASIC resistant by design, thwarting the critical flaw of both ETH and BTC by keeping mining democratic and decentralized.

How can coin/token holders use it on the platform

The current block chain is live, public, open source and open to the public. Tokens are burned to create assets that move on the the Ravencoin blockchain like Ravencoin does itself.

Identity Disclosure: Do you disclose your identity publicly

Ravencoin was launched very much like Bitcoin with no central "leader" just a community behind it. There are many community leaders which include coin holders, miners, developers, etc. We do have an exchange liaison. You may contact the liaison with any questions or if you are interested in listing RavenCoin on your exchange.

Can we have your source code reviewed by a trusted member of the community

Yes our code on github is open source and can be reviewed by anyone.

Was there a crowdfunding campaign or a pre-mine?

There was no pre-mine or funding campaign. This is a public project and has been from the start.

Is there a company or corporation behind RavenCoin

NO! There is no company that is behind the coin. We do have partners and interested parties.

Place of formation

This doesn't really apply as there is no real formation besides the online community.

Parent Entities / Untimate Beneficial Owners

None, there was no pre-mine or token sale. Only old fashioned POW!

Expectations of growth

RavenCoin has exceeded all of our expectations as a community. We did not expect to be in the top 250 coins on coin market cap within 3 months of release. We are not sure what it would be in the short term but expect a rapid growth as the community continues to grow and strengthen.

How will the remainder of the platform be funded?

No funding. Only an open source community effort.

What still will be built that will provide value to the platform?

  • Integration of RSK
  • Rewards (allow payment in RVN to asset holders)
  • Messaging
  • Voting

Please see our roadmap:

How are tokens acquired?

Only through proof of work mining.

What percentage of tokens are reserved?

NO tokens are reserved for any purpose.

Can tokens be earned?

We do have a donation fund for projects important to the community. These tokens are for well defined projects and are given to a single RVN address upon completion. These are not from a reserved pool but from donations from the community for projects deemed important by the community.

Tokens will be issued under the following circumstances

There will be no token issuance.

Pre-sale price

There is no pre-sale price as there was no pre-sale.

Are token holders required to make payments

No. Just like BTC coin holders keep their tokens and they are earned by mining through POW.

Do tokens give holders ownership or contractual interest / rights in companies / businesses / enterprises / properties?

None. This is an open community with no backing or interest in external companies / businesses / enterprises / properties.