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This page will help you work with assets on the Ravencoin blockchain. It assumes you have installed the Ravencoin software and synchronized the blockchain.

If you've not done the above and need a simple guide on how to get started, read the Tron Black getting started article on Medium.

Assets in the wallet

Creating Assets

  1. Open your Ravencoin Wallet
  2. Click on the Assets tab.
  3. Click the Create Asset button.
  4. Leave address blank (for advanced users)
  5. Choose a name for your asset (all uppercase) between 3 characters and 30 characters long - click Check Availability - if you get a green Valid Asset message you are good to carry on.
  6. Enter a Quantity — any number between 1 and 21,000,000,000
  7. Set the Units to 0 (for indivisible), or 8 (very divisible), or somewhere in-between.
  8. Leave reissuable checked unless you’re sure of your other choices. Tron Black to reissue or not
  9. You can ignore the IPFS hash field, if you want to associate a file on IPFS to your asset this is a good read
  10. Hit Create Asset and Check the confirmation details and if all is OK, click Yes and then OK.
  11. You'll now need to wait for it to be mined into a block - on average this should only take a minute or two.
  12. You can now go back to the Overview tab and wait for your asset to show up in your list of assets.

Below is a quick video stepping through the steps above on testnet:

Sending Assets

  1. Select the Assets tab in the Ravencoin QT wallet (each asset has both the "tokens" (MYTOKEN) and "an ownership token" (MYTOKEN!), the Orange AA indicates the ownership token).
  2. Select the asset you want to send from the dropdown list of assets (if you want to transfer ownership of the token name click the orange AA....use caution as this will send all control of the token)
  3. Get the address you want to send your tokens to.
  4. Copy/paste the address into ‘Pay To:’
  5. Set the amount of the asset to send.
  6. Hit Send and Yes to the confirmation.

Below is a quick video stepping through the steps about on testnet:

Asset Exchanges

Sites listing Ravencoin based Assets are listed on Asset Exchanges

Other resources

Demo of the asset functionality by some of the Ravencoin Devs on not yet released wallet:

Medium Article: Decentralised Web powered by Ravencoin and IPFS by Kirk Ballou of Block Nerds.


Yet another Tron Black medium link - but well worth a read: Ravencoin Asset FAQ