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The WINDOWS/MAC/LINUX Ravencoin Core QT wallet can be downloaded from gitub

NO ASSET SUPPORT Windows Electrum Wallet: https://github.com/traysi/electrum-raven/releases/



There are a couple of things to keep in mind when using the app:

  • You need to save your 12 wallet seed words as this is the only way to recover your wallet. Tron Black Explained how this encryption works.
  • While wallet is still in sync no new transaction will appear in your transactions layout, so don't send anything unless the app is 100% synced.
  • Do not mine directly to an exchange or to a mobile wallet, use a full client for this, ie. raven-qt or a paper wallet.

Android Wallet

Google Play download. The source code is available on ROSHiix GitHub

iOS wallet

RVN Wallet available in the app store by Medici Ventures https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rvn-wallet/id1371751946


Wallet Status Owner Further info
RavenRebel WebWallet Online @ravenrebels Web Widget wallet application by RavenRebels.
PocketRaven [INACTIVE] @traysi ⚒#9529 a web wallet where the keys remain fully in control of the user at all times. Emphasis on privacy and security. Server never sees the users' private key. Supports wallets, custom addresses, seed addresses, multi-sig addresses, time locked addresses, and more. Users can also sign and broadcast custom transactions from this wallet service.
MangoWallet Online @mangofarm Please be sure to WRITE DOWN YOUR SEED WORDS. MangoWallet has no access to them. They have no access to your password or pin and can’t reset them. The only way to recover your wallet if you forget your password or pin is with the seed.

Multicoin Wallets


Wallet Status Owner RVN Community member contact Further info
Qortal Online Qortal @QuickMythril#7582 Qortal is a multi-currency wallet, exchange, messaging, and voting platform.
Metal Pay Online Metal Pay @Jeroz#2560 Metal Pay is a payment service with a crypto wallet.
Abra Wallet Online Abra Wallet - Abra Wallet is a mobile wallet.
Guarda Wallet Online Guarda Wallet @Jeroz#2560 Guarda Wallet is a multiplatform multicoin wallet.
Flare Wallet Online Flare Wallet - Flare Wallet is a multiplatform multicoin wallet.
Crypto.com Online Crypto.com - Crypto.com is a cryptocurrency service and wallet that allows you to Buy, Sell and Pay with Crypto.
Safepay Multicoin Wallet Online Safepay - SafePay Cryptocurrency Wallet is a multiplatform multicoin wallet by Safecoin.
Coinpayments Online Coinpayments @Tron#2687 Coinpayments is a borderless online payments platform and cryptocurrency wallet that serves as a payment alternative for consumers and merchants.
Trust Wallet Online Trust Wallet @Scotty#0448 Trust Wallet is a multicoin wallet that includes swaps
Exodus Online Exodus Wallet - Exodus Wallet is a multicoin wallet that includes swaps
Stibits In Beta @[Master] Roshii#6113 @[Master] Roshii#6113 Stibits is a multicoin wallet that allows you to transfer crypto between users using a phone number, e-mail address, or name instead of blockchain addresses.
Edge Wallet Online Edge Wallet - Edge Wallet is a mobile multicoin wallet that includes swaps
Cobo Wallet Online Cobo Wallet @Jeroz#2560 Cobo Wallet is a Proof of Stake wallet and supports RVN in their mobile wallets
Hilux Wallet Online Hilux Wallet @swatchie-1#9048 Hilux Multiwallet is a user-friendly Android Wallet that is Non-Custodial (private keys are held by the Owner) and holds Multiple cryptocurrencies which includes RVN
Zelcore Online Zelcore @blondfrogs#8615 Zelcore supports RVN and all RVN assets.
Spend.com Online Spend.com / @BryanCWoods#2088 @Jeroz#2560 / Tron Spend.com provides a multi-currency digital wallet that enables you to store and spend cryptocurrencies and fiat using your smart phone or Spend Visa Card.
Dovewallet.com/ Online @DoveWallet (telegram) Dove wallet is a multicoin webwallet with built-in exchange.
Ownbit Online Ownbit is a wallet for android and iOS devices.
Atomic Wallet Online Atomic wallet is a multicoin wallet with multi-platform and mobile support


Wallet Status Owner RVN Community member contact Further info
Wirex Contacted, on hold Wirex @Jeroz#2560 05/31/2019: free support is not available right now due to limited resources, but will keep in contact
Coinomi Contacted, on hold Coinomi @Jeroz#2560 Needs Community Funding to go ahead.
Jaxx Jaxx Contacted, on hold @A$AP Dim Sum#1280 Jaxx status
Ethos Contacted, on hold Ethos @Kyzer 🙏 for Kin#3433


There's a paper wallet generator on github.

paper.pocketraven.com - A client-side paper wallet generator for Ravencoin.

paperwallet.ravencoin.online - (Currently offline)

How to use a paperwallet on Best practices page


Wallet Status
Ellipal Ellipal will add Ravencoin Support if 40 Devices are bought with promotion code "RVN" at checkout. This code also gives you a 30% discount.
Trezor Trezor devices can be used in combination with the MangoFarm wallet, Chaintek wallet and Electrum wallet.
Ledger Ledger devices can be used in combination with the Chaintek wallet and Electrum wallet. See instructions at https://ravencoin.org/ledger.
KeepKey Contacted and On hold

Best Practises

A common practice is to use one wallet for hot storage, and another for cold storage. Read the private key and the wallet on our forum for an understanding of the difference of what a wallet is compared to a private key.


Do not mine directly to an exchange or to a mobile wallet, use a full client for this, ie. raven-qt, or a paper wallet.

Note: do not use special chars for the passphrase for encryption of your wallet [based on some community queries in the discord helpdesk channel - reach out there for queries]

We can download our wallet from Ravencoin Github for our OS.

  • Extract all the compressed files.
  • Start wallet by double click Raven-qt(.exe/.app), allow the Raven-qt to access internet if your windows firewall notification pops up.
  • Choose were to store our data folder, it will contain our wallet.dat, blockchain and other config files. Default option is fine.
  • Assuming this is a hot wallet and we are connected to the internet, our wallet will now start to sync with blockchain.
  • Encrypting our wallet is always recommended, especially on a hot wallet, we can select "Encrypt Wallet" from "Settings" menu, remember to write down our passphrase and store it safely, use the same steps ans detailed in Backups section on this page. Note: do not use special chars for the passphrase for encryption of our wallet.
  • From the "File" menu we can choose "Receiving Addresses.." click "New" give it a label, and click "OK" now we selected the new address and click "Copy" and paste it into our mining bat/sh file, or "Export" a text file with our new public address.
  • Nest step is to backup our wallet, we can do that from "File" menu "Backup Wallet..." select a location and give our backup a meaning full name like "06-05-2018-raven-wallet.dat" follow the steps in Backups to keep our backups safe. We can also make a backup when our raven-qt wallet is completely shut down by copying wallet.dat file from our data folder.
  • Now is a good time to read the rest of this page.

Default data folder locations:

Windows: %AppData%/Roaming/Raven
Mac: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Raven
Linux: ~/.raven

Note that on mac and linux " ~/ " is the home folder, and is different from " / " root folder

Hot storage

Hot storage is a storage we usually mine to, and keep on a networked computer, a wallet we commonly access and use. It is preferable to have the computer the hot wallet is on as clean as possible, no unneeded software installed. Keep it updated. Have at least two copies(backups) of wallet.dat in two different locations, use dedicated USB sticks, that are marked clearly.

Cold storage

Cold storage is a wallet we create and have on a non-networked computer. This should be a dedicated disk, with a fresh and clean OS installed. To use this wallet we create the transaction, sign it and save it on a dedicated USB stick, then import this signed transaction into our hot wallet and broadcast it. Have at least two copies(backups) of wallet.dat in two different locations, use dedicated USB sticks, that are marked clearly.

Paper wallet

We create a linux liveCD USB-stick on a non-networked computer to make our paper wallets.

  1. Download Ubuntu Latest LTS version is fine
  2. Follow the Guide for our OS to make a bootable USB Ubuntu guide
  3. Download paper wallet generator Paperwallet and put on our USB or a separate USB stick.
  4. Unplug ethernet cable, insert LiveUSB and reboot into Ubuntu Live. Do NOT connect with Wifi or any other means to any network.
  5. Open index.html to start paper wallet generator, and then select Ravencoin. Make our wallet(s)
  6. Connect a Printer that does not have network or reprint capabilities, older cheap inkjets are usually fine, DYOR (Do Your Own Research). Print Wallets in at least two copies.
  7. Laminate the paper wallets to keep them safe from water damage.
  8. Store wallets at two different locations, and keep them safe and secure.

We can make paper wallets from our exported private keys. A good way to achieve this can be to have a copy of our wallet.dat and linux wallet binaries on a USB stick, move the wallet.dat to the ~/.raven location and dump our keys from withing the non-networked LinuxUSB stick, this stick will need to have the dependencies from Ravencoin Github. Once the paper wallet generator is open copy and paste the private key in, check that it generates the corresponding public key, if not try and copy and paste our public key as well.

On a encrypted wallet we can unlock our wallet with the following command:

walletpassphrase "passphrase" "timeinseconds"


walletpassphrase very6securE+pasSword 300

Once the wallet is unlock we can dump our key, address is our corresponding public key:

dumpprivkey "address"


dumpprivkey RBjAZ4fgoXfMC1ujzs7XKreMxJAL1r9fhT


Have at least two copies(backups) of wallet.dat in two different locations, use dedicated USB sticks, that are marked clearly. Do not use these USB stick for anything else, and keep them safe. Get good known named brand USB sticks, this is not the place to save cost. Use different USB sticks for Hot wallet and Cold wallet backups. Especially cold wallet backup should not be plugged into a networked computer.

Some prefer to encrypt the disks or folder, this can be advantageous if you do not have a trusted place to store your USB sticks. Just keep the passphrase to the same standards as the USB sticks, minimum two copies in two different locations.

Consider how relatives and or our children can get access in the future should the worst thing happen.

How to Safely Upgrade your Wallet if there is an Update or Fork

The Ravencoin Core wallet is based on the Bitcoin Core wallet, so this guide on how to safely updgrade the Bitcoin Core wallet also applies to Ravencoin Core. Be sure to follow the backup instructions and always download the latest Ravencoin Core wallet from the official Github repository.

Private keys

A private key is what control the funds, and make them spendable on its correlating public key. We do not reuse a key pair (public and private key) after the private key has been swiped/imported on a networked computer, ie do not reuse a paper wallet after the private key has been used.


Please backup your wallet.dat file before doing anything if you are having trouble accessing your QT wallet. The wallet.dat contains your private keys for each address, without those you will probably lose access to your Ravencoin.

Restore wallet

Quick restore guide

Same steps as Wallet does not sync just put back your backup wallet.dat instead.

Full restore guide

This guide assumes you are starting fresh on a new computer.

  • Start by installing Raven-QT wallet follow General wallet guide if needed, skip encrypt and backup for now.
  • Once you have Raven-qt running and fully synced, quit raven-qt and wait for it to fully exit.
  • Open your Data folder, the default location is shown below this guide.
  • Move the wallet.dat that is already inside your Data folder (Raven) folder to another location ie. desktop, and put your backup wallet.dat here instead. If you used a memorable name for your backup wallet.dat we need you rename it back to wallet.dat now.
  • Launch Raven-qt and you should see your funds available.
Windows: %AppData%/Roaming/Raven
Mac: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Raven
Linux: ~/.raven

Note that " ~/ " is the home folder for linux and mac, not " / " root.

Wallet does not sync

  • Make sure you've got a safe backup of your wallet.dat file
  • Make sure you are running latest version of wallet from github
  • help > debug > console, and type
addnode electrum-rvn.minermore.com add
addnode rvn.satoshi.org.uk add

Archive Wallet does not sync guidance

The first thing to try is to re download the blockchain.

  • Make sure you're running the latest version of the wallet
  • Close raven-qt completely, wait for shutdown window to disappear.
  • Open %AppData%/Roaming folder and move Raven folder to desktop.
  • Launch raven-qt and wait for blockchain to sync completely, then shut down completely.
  • Move wallet.dat from your old raven folder on our desktop into the freshly created Raven folder in %AppData%/Roaming/.
  • Launch raven-qt, and all should be well.

There is a guide on the Community forum, and here Fixing no sync.

Crash on start up

The first thing to try is to re download blockchain. Follow same steps as Wallet does not sync

There is a guide on the Community forum.

Transaction stuck

Try deleting the downloaded blockchain, and resync.

Extra amount of rvn went missing when I transferred coins out of the wallet

Try from within the wallet: Help / Debug Window / Console: and write


This will list all your addresses and their balance. Check for the "missing" amount.

This appears to be a display issue that happens rarely.

Change data location

Registry location


Or you can start raven-qt with the flag below, to have it ask again as per initial installation:


Transaction to large

When the wallet has too many small transactions to a single address, it can cause a issue. wallet groomer Ravencoin fork by Brianmct

Links, Guides and other helpful tips