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Exchanges listing Ravencoin

Current Exchanges

Disclaimer: this is no Exchange endorsement, always DYOR and use at your own risk.

Exchanges URL INFO Confirmations
BarterDEX Exchange not functional at the moment. ?
Binance US USD/RVN 60
Bittrex BTC/RVN & USDT-RVN 150

Bitmax BTC/RVN ?
Bitparax LTC/RVN ?
Bitforex BTC/RVN ?
Bitvavo BTC/RVN and EUR/RVN ? EUR/RVN ?
Chainex BTC/RVN ?
Coinall BTC/RVN ?
Coindcx BTC/RVN ?
Coinpark BTC/RVN ?
Coinspot AUD/RVN ?
CoinZoom USD/RVN ?
DexTrade BTC/RVN ?
Delta Exchange BTC/RVN

Supports to long / short RVN with 20x leverage

Diger Exchange BTC/RVN ?
Digifinex BTC/RVN ?
Dove Wallet BTC/RVN ?
Finebox BTC/RVN ?
Gazua (Ravencoin branded Korean Exchange) KRW/RVN ?
Graviex RVN/BTC ?
Hotbit RVN/USDT ?
Indodax IDR (Rupiah) / RVN ?
Litebit EUR/RVN ?
Livecoin BTC/RVN ?
Paribu TL/RVN ?

Qtrade RVN/BTC ?
Stakecube RVN/BTC ?
SwapSpace Swap with many pairs ?
Tradeogre BTC/RVN ?
Txbit BTC/RVN ?
tZero USD/RVN ?
Upbit BTC/RVN ?
Vbitex BTC/RVN


Exchanges URL
Bitmesh Exchange delisted RVN
Bitalong Exchange delisted RVN Delisted RVN
NANEX Exchange Closed Down
QBTC Exchange Inactive
CryptoHub Exchange Inactive
CoinZark Closed down
Exvo Exchange Inactive
SubiDEX Exchange Inactive, potential exit scam
Tradesatoshi Exchange delisted RVN, BE CAREFUL WITH THIS EXCHANGE.

Escodex Devs gone
IDCM Trading pair gone
CHAOEX People cannot withdraw and do not get any replies, potential exit scam
NOVAEXCHANGE Exchange shut down (no hack/fraud) Closing down Dec 1 2019
Crypto-Bridge Closing down Dec 15 2019


Year Month Exchange count Exchanges added this month
2018 March 3 CryptoBridge, NANEX, BarterDex (became komodo)
2018 April 4 Graviex
2018 May 12 IDCM, Escodex, BBX, tradeogre, Vbitex, Chainex, Novaexchange, Qtrade
2018 June 12
2018 July 12
2018 August 16 Cryptopia, Bittrex, Upbit,
2018 September 17
2018 October 24 Binance, Coinexchange, Digifinex, Coinspot, Bitladon, Swiftex, Bitalong
2018 November 26, Coinpark
2018 December 27 Tradesatoshi
2019 January 28 Forkocean, Altilly, (Nanex went out of business)
2019 February 29 Vertbase
2019 March 32 Bitmesh, Livecoin, CHAOEX
2019 April 35 Bitrue, Bitsfox, Gazua
2019 May 41 Txbit, Coinall, Indodax, Dogemarkets, Litebit, Bitvavo, Dove Wallet, (Cryptopia went out of business)
2019 June 47 Delta Exchange, CoinEx, Finebox, WazirX,, Bitforex, MXC (Bitmesh delisted RVN due to low liquidity on their exchange)
2019 July 50 Paribu, Oceanex, BXB, Bitqist, Bitmax, ( is gone, Swiftex trade pair gone.)
2019 August 53 tZero, Probit, ATAIX, DexTrade, (Tradesatoshi delisted RVN)
2019 September 50 TerraCEX (IDCM trade pair gone, Novaexchange shut down, Escodex not maintained anymore, closing down)
2019 October 51 Binance US.
2019 November 53 HitBTC, CoinZoom, BitParax, (Crypto-Bridge closing down).
2019 December 55 Pionex, Diger
2020 January 55 Stakecube, (BXB delisted)
2019 February 56 OKEx, Hotbit, (CHAOEX removed)
2019 March 57 CoinDCX
2019 April 52 BKEX, LATOKEN, (bitalong, BBX delisted, bitsfox, dogemarkets, dynx, terra-CEX, Forkocean gone)

Coin Conversion Services, etc

Service URL Status INFO
Changelly Active support
ChangeNOW Active support
OnePageX Active support
CryptoWolf Active support
Change Angel Active support ChangeAngel is on a mission to create sustainable ways to support non ICO, open-source, decentralized blockchain development. This means that as you buy your favorite cryptos, you are also supporting RVN development.
Swapzone Active support
Shapeshift In progress 24/12/2018:[@]haxmat#0554: Hey so maybe fifth time is the charm! They just sent me forms to fill out! I’ll keep you all updated
Wirex Contacted 24/12/2018: [@]Jeroz#2560: I contacted them but no response (07/01/2018).

31/05/2019:[@]Jeroz#2560: Free support is not available right now but will keep in contact.

Exchanges listing/trading Ravencoin Assets

Asset Exchange Owner (if known) Ravenland / Adam Bull

Looking into listing Ravencoin based assets

Asset Exchange Source

Exchange Voting

Exchange Vote link

Exchange Communication

This page shall provide information and guidelines on how to bring the Ravencoin to an exchange. It should be noted that the process can require some work, but getting listed in an exchange is an important process to get Ravencoin recognized by a larger public.

In the following a couple of steps which You typically find in an application.

Is Ravencoin a security?

No. Some exchanges require a legal assessment addressing whether RVN is a security under U.S law before accepting an application for listing. An article on this issue has been compiled by @K27#1391 and is available here. This document can be used for exchanges requesting a legal memorandum in the application process.

What is Ravencoin

Ravencoin was first announced in October of 2017 at MIT. In the months leading to the official launch on January 3rd, 2018, Ravencoin gained support at several conferences and colleges. Self-described as "...a use case specific blockchain designed to carry statements of truth about who owns what asset" Ravencoin's naming pays homage to the ravens of the fictional world of Westeros. In the two months after its launch, Ravencoin has seen an exponential groundswell of community support, including the support of the larger mining community. Ravencoin is the first coin to leverage the ASIC resistant x16r algorithm and is a completely Proof of Work(PoW) coin. No ICO was undertaken, and neither was a pre-mine utilized. Ravencoin has attracted many individuals to the community and project due to its fair and grassroots hallmarks of the original Bitcoin launch. Ravencoin differs however from Bitcoin with an increased block reward size, and a faster block time, features which developers have alluded to setting the groundwork for Ethereum style asset transfers and tokens. has been investing time and developers to contribute to the project, and even mining the token.

RVN is a project in development with a dedicated community. In the next phase, it will have a native asset layer built into the protocol to allow people to easily tokenize any asset that can be transferred between parties. In principle, one can tokenize anything, but a main focus and functionality will be the ability to tokenize securities, as the protocol will also be able to pay out dividends.

Some advantages Ravencoin will have to token issuers:

  • more secure chain
  • more censorship resistant
  • more decentralized
  • simpler / more elegant
  • native in the protocol
  • will allow dividends
  • will allow messaging

ASIC resistance and a wider and fairer distribution is another advantage of Ravencoin. By this time period in Bitcoin's history, the coin had less than a dozen miners - RVN has thousands. Ravencoin is one of the most widely distributed coins - if not THE most.

Who is the CEO

As RVN is an open source project there is no CEO. Individual persons are presenting and can bring applications forward though.

What is an NDA and can I sign it?

The NDA - a non-disclosure agreement - is an agreement to restrict information from spreading outside the agreeing parties. A company uses NDAs to limit information spreading. Afterall listing on an exchange is a negotiation. The NDA is limiting the information spread around that process. If You sign an NDA, this also means that You need to be cautious what information to be spread also to the community.

Working with Exchanges

Exchange FAQ - answers to common exchange listing questions.

Exchange Target List

Below is a table of the top 200+ exchanges by volume (as of April 5, 2018). We will want to use this list as our source of truth for which exchanges have been contacted, which ones we are in active discussions with, which ones we will not be moving forward with (possibly due to fees). Everyone can assign themselves to each exchange. Note that this is not a recommendation for a specific exchange. For the Status column, let's try and be consistent so we all know what it means so let's use the following:

Status Explanation
Blank No one yet has contacted the exchange
Yellow Exchange contacted, discord handle added, date added
Red Exchange rejected, explanation or response in notes field
Blue Exchange wants to go ahead, but requires, Fee, NDA or legal papers. In this case the fields should be marked
Green Exchange live
Warning Exchange likely a scam

Rank Exchange Link Assigned To Status Notes/Comments
1 Binance Live 20181012: Live
2 Upbit @haxmat#0554 Live
3 Huobi WalterWhite#2732,

20181020: @ProjectRVN#1646

Contacted 20180511: Initiated, Legal opinion is required by huobi by a top 20 law firm to confirm rvn is not a security

20180805: Followed up with complementing info (@UserJonPizza#4510)

20181020: Huobi Global contacted us 19th Oct expressing interest in listing our coin, they wanted us to fill out an application. I explained that we are community run and have no official email or contact spokesperson, if they wish to list it then they can go ahead, does not require our permission. They have noted that and will let us know.

20181022: @ProjectRVN#1646 Got paperwork from them, filling out questionnaire so they can make a decision (3-4 days), in progress...

20181025: @ProjectRVN#1646 It's still under review at Huobi

20181101: @ProjectRVN#1646 They have everything they need to list RVN, they haven't indicated they will or won't and I've asked them for an update.. that's where we are at.

4 OKEx Jeroz Live Deposit: 09:00 Feb 14 2020 (UTC), Spot Trading: 09:00 Feb 19 2020 (UTC), Withdrawal: 09:00 Feb 20 2020 (UTC)
5 Bitfinex
6 Bithumb @Bradar#9865 Contacted 11/16/2018: @Bradar#9865: Bithumb and Coinone from Korea are going through the pre-documentation. They will not notify anything until listed (there is no NDA)
7 Bittrex @haxmat#0554 Live 20180813: Live
8 Kraken @Krupte Contacted 05/22/2018 While we are always open to adding new digital assets to our exchange, we're not currently accepting any new listings. However, we're hoping to begin adding new digital assets in the near future. I've assigned your request to the appropriate team members, who are responsible for assessing potential new listings. In the meantime, the best way to get up-to-the-minute details regarding which assets are being listed on Kraken is to read our email newsletters and blog ( and follow us on social.

Warm Regards, Richard, Kraken Client Engagement Team

9 Coinbase @haxmat#0554 Several people have filled out the application form in the past.
10 HitBTC - 20191125: RVN Listed after twitter vote.
11 Bit-Z
12 bitFlyer
13 Bitstamp @UserJonPizza#4510 20180628: Emailed for submission

20180630: Dear Sir/Madam, thank you for contacting us We currently do not plan to add any additional cryptocurrencies/tokens to our platform. Should anything change in the future, you may rest assured that we will get in touch with you. In case you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

14 Lbank
15 Bits Blockchain
17 Gemini @UserJonPizza#4510 20180630: Thank you for reaching out to us! We have received your message and our team will be in contact shortly.

For your reference, your support number is 1105906. Onward and Upward, Gemini Customer Support

20180630: Hi there, Thanks for reaching out. While we are not interested in pursuing a relationship at this time, we will give you a shout if things change in the future. Best of luck with your business and hope to have you as a customer of our exchange soon! Onward and Upward, Gemini Customer Support

18 Poloniex @Legacytrx#5244 Contacted 20180402: Coin request submitted, pending review from POLONIEX

20180510: Updated with new volume information from our side and request to provide an update
20180520: Moved to the next level of support... zzz 20180628: No sign of live from Poloniex, sent a reminder

19 WEX
20 Bibox
21 CoinTiger @ithinkimissedtheboat#8353 20180428: On hold

Dear RVN Team, Thank you for applying for coin listing on CoinTiger Exchange. After careful consideration and several rounds of discussion, we are sorry to inform you that CoinTiger decides not to list RVN for the time being. Please note CoinTiger takes into consideration of several items when determining whether to list a token, including but not limited to market interest, liquidity, innovative application and significant improvement over existing blockchain. Unfortunately we retain full discretion regarding our decision not to list your token on the exchange. However, please keep in touch with updates about your project and community, and resubmitting your token to CoinTiger later. Best Regards

22 CoinBene
23 Bitbank
25 Coinone @Bradar#9865 Contacted 11/16/2018: @Bradar#9865: Bithumb and Coinone from Korea are going through the pre-documentation. They will not notify anything until listed (there is no NDA)
26 CoinsBank
27 Gate IO @mercury#8836 Contacted
29 itBit @UserJonPizza#4510 20180630: Contacted
30 Simex
31 Liqui
32 EXX
33 Exmo @UserJonPizza#4510 20180630: Contacted
35 Ethfinex
36 Kucoin @beanjo55#3570 Contacted 20180424: KuCoin stated today, they need to have an NDA and a statement raven isn’t a security
37 Qryptos
38 Korbit
39 Bitinka
40 Neraex
41 Exrates @ProjectRVN#1646 Contacted 20181022: They made contact with us, in progress..
42 Cryptopia - - - EXCHANGE CLOSED
43 Koinex
44 Trade By Trade
45 OEX
46 Zebpay
47 Coinnest
49 GetBTC @ProjectRVN#1646 Contacted 20181022: exchange also interested, asking for listing fee of 0.7 BTC. I respectfully declined and let em know we only do free listings and happy to assist in any other way.
50 Zaif
51 CoinExchange @yanciyong#9168 Live 20181012: Live
52 xBTCe
53 Omicrex
54 Tidex
55 IDAX @UserJonPizza#4510 20180630: Contacted
56 Coinroom 20180630: Contacted
57 Bitcoin Indonesia (Indodax) @yanciyong#9168 Contacted They will contact again as soon as they ready
58 TOPBTC Fee Required They ask about 7 BTC to list it
59 BitBay
60 C2CX @KryptoRoan#9849 Contacted 20140423 Require a whole slow of roadmap input...
61 LakeBTC @UserJonPizza#4510 20180630: Contacted
62 Coinrail
63 Fatbtc
64 Ovis
65 BTC Markets
66 Sistemkoin
67 OTCBTC @UserJonPizza#4510 20180805: OTCBTC requires a fee to get listed there. Said it depends on the coin.
68 BtcTrade @UserJonPizza#4510 20180630: Contacted
69 Octaex Chinese exchange
70 Negocie Coins Brasilian exchange
71 QuadrigaCX Canadian exchange
73 Vebitcoin Turkish exchange
74 QBTC Live USDT and CNYT pairs
75 BX Thailand
76 Luno
77 RightBTC
78 MBAex
79 Bancor Network Only supports ERC20 tokens
80 Coinfloor @UserJonPizza#4510 20180630: Contacted
81 Foxbit Brazilian exchange
83 BTCTurk
85 Bitso
86 AEX
88 Coinsquare @Charlie#2132 Contacted
89 Mercatox ? Missing Contacted
90 IDEX Only supports Ethereum based tokens
91 BTC-Alpha
92 DSX
93 Quoine
94 BigONE
95 Unocoin
96 Bitbns
97 Mercado Bitcoin
98 BitShares Asset Exchange
99 BL3P
101 Koineks
102 Bithesap
104 Cryptonex
105 Independent Reserve
106 Bitonic
107 Allcoin
109 BitMarket
111 The Rock Trading @cryptoalex Contacted (April 26, 2018) After some back/forth. They said that they are not accepting new projects at this time. To check back with them in the 4th Quarter of 2018.
112 BitcoinTrade
113 C-CEX
114 Fargobase
115 BitcoinToYou
116 Stronghold
117 RippleFox
118 EtherDelta (ForkDelta) EtherDelta is all ERC-20
119 Gatehub
120 OkCoin Intl
121 Tidebit
122 OasisDEX
123 CryptoBridge Live
124 Altcoin Trader
125 CoinMate
126 Iquant @Miner#4573 20140425: Contacted for free listing
127 ACX
128 Koinim
129 Coinrate
130 Kuna
131 CoinFalcon
132 OpenLedger DEX @cryptoalex Fee Required (Date: 20180401) OpenLedger requires $10,000 USD (paid in BTC). I replied back to see if they can waive the fee for an Open Source project. I also mentioned our high 24 hr. volume on exchanges (60 BTC). Waiting to hear back.
133 Stellar Decentralized Exchange
134 Lykke Exchange
135 Waves Decentralized Exchange
136 Stellarport
137 SurBTC
139 Stocks.Exchange Fee required They charge 1.3 BTC
140 Bisq
141 Coinsecure
142 Bittylicious
143 Ripple China
144 Nanex Live
145 InfinityCoin Exchange
146 Bitstamp (Ripple Gateway)
147 SouthXchange
148 CoinCorner
149 Braziliex
151 Bitsane
152 BTC Trade UA
153 Bleutrade
154 TDAX
155 Orionx
156 MrExchange
157 CryptoMarket
158 Bit2C
159 Bitmaszyna
160 Paymium
161 AidosMarket
162 Bitlish
163 Coinut
164 Gatecoin
165 BitFlip
166 Nocks
167 Rfinex
168 Crex24
169 TradeOgre Live 20180530: Exchange is live
170 Paradex
171 Radar Relay
172 Token Store
173 Abucoins
174 cfinex
175 CRXzone
176 CryptoHub @cryptoalex Live April 10, 2018: Message in Ravencoin discord that RVN was spotted trading on CryptoHub.
177 OKCoin
178 Cryptomate
179 ezBtc
180 Coinlink
181 BitKonan
182 Dgtmarket
183 Tripe Dice Exchange
184 Counterparty DEX
185 Tux Exchange
186 RuDEX
187 LocalTrade
188 DDEX
189 Coingi
190 Cryptox
191 Coinhouse
192 C-Patex
193 TCC Exchange
194 Ore
195 ISX
196 GuldenTrader
197 BarterDEX 20180502 Live
198 FreiExchange
199 LEOxChange
200 Burst Asset Exchange
201 NIX-E
202 ExcambrioRex
203 DC-Ex
204 Heat Wallet
205 CryptoDerivatives
206 Coinbe
207 Lendconnect
208 Exvo Please read the note!!!! Live 20180512: A word of caution. There have been signs that the exchange has been compromised.
209 Graviex @shiggidy#4554 Live
210 Changelly @Kyzer 🙏 for Kin Emoji#3433
211 Yobit @russkidooski#0928 20180628: Coin application submitted
212 Cobinhood @ithinkimissedtheboat#8353 Contacted 20180422: First reachout
n/a Escodex @haxmat#0554 Live RVN/ESCO RVN/BTC
n/a IDCM @brianmct#3155 Live 20180504: Contact originated from IDCM

20180510: Integration progressing, potentially ready in a week 20180518: Live 20190903: Trade pair seems to be gone.

n/a Coinmama @Legacytrx#5244 Contacted 20180504: Thank you for reaching out!

We aren't against adding any specific tokens but we are perfecting our service before adding any more. We only just added Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Maybe in the future Ravencoin will be available with Coinmama but I wouldn't be able to say if and when that could be. Let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards, Nathan Happiness Hero

n/a Exodus @Kyzer 🙏 for Kin Emoji#3433 Contacted
n/a Ethos @Kyzer 🙏 for Kin Emoji#3433 Contacted
n/a Coinomi @jenkman91#6822 Contacted Coinomi wants to have contact to a developer for integration.
n/a OTCBTC @UserJonPizza#4510 20180630: Contacted
n/a Bitfineon About to be launched 20180520: Currently it is possible to list new coins for May, please support:
n/a FUBT @ProjectRVN#1646 Contacted 201810: FUBT exchange contacted me asking to be listed, they are asking for RVN to have us listed and do free promotion for us, I respectfully declined and let em know we only do free listings and happy to assist in any other way. (Asking for 150,000 rvn)
n/a BBX Live Mobile Ex RVN/ETH
n/a Shiftshape @haxmat#0554 Contacted Shapeshift uses Bittrex (or Binance) for their pairings, so we have to be on it before they can include RVN.
n/a Coinsuper @ProjectRVN#1646 Fee required 201810: Initiated contact with us, their requirements:
  1. technical personnel to help integrate UTXO mainnet with their exchange
  2. Third party auditor for security of RVN
  3. 100k USD of raven token for airdrop
  4. Do post marketing activities for them

(Ravencoin community not likely to proceed obviously...)

n/a Coinspot @ProjectRVN#1646 Live 20181025: Live
n/a ABCC exchange (Singapore) @ProjectRVN#1646 Contacted 201810: They've approached us signaling their interest in listing RVN. I've let them know we are keen to have it listed and that we don't have any funding for a listing fee. They've come back to us with an application form which I'm filling out.
n/a Coinpayment @haxmat#0554 Contacted Integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies.
n/a PANAGOT#5421 Live 20181118: Live
n/a Jeroz#2560 Live 20190120: They've approached us on telegram.

20190121: Live

n/a SubiDEX - - Exchange gone 20190120: Live
n/a Beaxy J.#7373 Live 20190120: Live
n/a Vertbase - Live 20190120: Live
n/a Bitmesh - - - March 2019, They listed by themselves.

June 2019, They delisted by themselves.

n/a Bitrue - Live April 2019, They listed by themselves.
n/a Bitsfox - Live April 2019, They listed by themselves.
n/a Txbit - Live May 2019, They listed by themselves.
n/a Coinall - Live May 2019, They listed by themselves.
n/a Indodax - Live May 2019, They listed by themselves.
n/a Livecoin - Live March 2019, They listed by themselves.
n/a CHAOEX - Live March 2019, They listed by themselves.
n/a Coinpark - Live They listed by themselves.
n/a Bitalong - Live They listed by themselves.
n/a Vbitex - Live They listed by themselves.
n/a Chainex - Live They listed by themselves.
n/a Novaexchange - Live They listed by themselves.
n/a Qtrade - Live They listed by themselves.
n/a Gazua (Ravencoin branded Korean Exchange) @Bradar#9865 Live They listed by themselves.
n/a Dogemarkets - Live They listed by themselves.
n/a Litebit - Live They listed by themselves.
n/a Bitvavo - Live They listed by themselves.
n/a Delta Exchange - Live They listed by themselves.
n/a CoinEx - Live They listed by themselves. June 10th, 2019: they reached out on telegram to tell that they are planning on listing and they want to arrange an AMA.
n/a Finebox - Live They listed by themselves.
n/a WazirX - Live They listed by themselves.
n/a Live They listed by themselves.
n/a Paribu Live They listed by themselves.
n/a Oceanex Live They listed by themselves.
n/a BXB RealBokito Live They listed after communication that started on the EU Ravencoin Meetup Amsterdam.
n/a Bitqist Live They listed by themselves.
n/a Probit

Jeroz Live They reached out on telegram and listed by themselves.
n/a ATAIX @ProjectRVN#1646 / Jeroz Live @ProjectRVN#1646 applied for RVN at the exchange.
n/a Dove Wallet Jeroz Live A wallet and exchange in one. They listed by themselves and reached out on telegram.
n/a tZero Tron / medici Live They listed in cooperation with medici core devs.
n/a CoinZoom Live They listed by themselves.
n/a Hotbit Live They listed by themselves.
n/a SwapSpace Live "SwapSpace is an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator. We aim to make crypto swaps safe, convenient, and beginner-friendly, and the crypto market — competitive. For this purpose, we gathered the rates from several major exchange services and provided them in a simple and intuitive form."

Price tracking







Please remember your coins are your responsibility, be careful sending your coins anywhere.

If You want to add information, please reach out to us on Ravencoin Community Discord.