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Exchange Target List
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| Several people have filled out the application form in the past.
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| style="text-align: center;" | @russkidooski#0928-| style="text-align: center;" | responded| 20180628: TLDR; wants 60 BTCDear Ravencoin team,Thank you for your interest in HitBTC, we would be happy to consider integration of your crypto asset in the exchange.Please find our integration offer for custom blockchain below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.1. Base Integration offer: Price (BTC)Implementation of Custom Blockchain 15Integration of one trading pair (against BTC or ETH or USDT) + Re-Tweet 45Each additional trading pair 52. Featured Services (extras) Price (BTC)Blog Post + Twitter Announcement + Telegram Announcement 2.50% Trading Commission. Includes20191125:• 14 days with 0% trading commission for a trading pair of your choice• Unlimited orders during the 14 day period• Free Twitter Announcement regarding commission free trading• “Zero trading fee” badge next to the trading pair of choice9Landing Page FeaturingYour trading pair quotes will be displayed on our home page where top performing pairsare shownRVN Listed after twitter vote. It will appear highlighted for 14 days and includes:• Twitter Announcement• “Featured” badge next to all of your trading pairs15Base Integration offer includes:• Integration on HitBTC• Re-tweet of your announcementTerms:• Payments are accepted in BTC or ETH• We recommend that you embed the HitBTC logo with a link to our site or our Price Widget on your website• We encourage you to take part in our Affiliate Program in order to receive a share of your community’s trades
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