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(please reply after each question in a new line)

- Are you a core team member?


No. Ravencoin is an open source project with no owner, no company, no ICO, no pre- mine, no developer set-aside. It's a community owned project in the same vein as Bitcoin. There are a number of core developers, but they are pretty much solely focused on the core product code with all other product development and exchange liaison work being undertaken by community members.

- Your Skype or Telegram ID

Someone happy to be contact?

- Your phone number (please also include country and/or regional codes)

Again someone willing to be contact

- The official website of your project

- The official code repository

- Coin ticker symbol


- The Coinmarketcap entry

(Please answer with as much detail as possible)

Is your coin a derivative work of an existing project?


If yes:


What is the original codebase you have used?

Bitcoin 15.1

Have you modified the block and transaction serialization formats?

The serialization format is the same, but the proof-of-work hash in the block header is x16r.

Have you modified the block proof of work hash function?

Yes.  It uses x16r

Have you modified the block id hash function as is reported in the RPC?

No, it reports the block id hash from the block header.

Have you modified the transaction id hash function?


Have you modified the cryptographic signature algorithm in any way?

No.   It operates on a different chain, and uses the same signature algorithm as bitcoin.

Have you modified the standard scripts for sending, receiving or in general?

No    (but the first byte of the address is modified so RVN addresses start with 'R' and P2SH addresses start with 'r')  

Have you modified the script language in any way (if applies)?