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Work in progress


The Ravencoin QT wallet can be downloaded from gitub

General wallet guide on Best practice page


Android Wallet

Google Play download. The source code is available on ROSHiix GitHub

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when using the app:

  • You need to save your 12 wallet mnemonic words as this is the only way to recover your wallet.
  • While wallet is still in sync no new transaction will appear in your transactions layout, so don't send anything unless the app is 100% synced.
  • Do not mine directly to an exchange or to a mobile wallet, use a full client for this, ie. raven-qt or a paper wallet.

iOS wallet

RVN Wallet available in the app store by Medici Ventures (need a link to the wallet if anyone has one)

Work in progress

Wallet Status Next action Further info
Coinomi Contacted Community response with answers to questions Coinomi questions
Jaxx Contacted On hold Jaxx status
Ethos Contacted @kyzer on discord


PocketRaven - a web wallet where the keys remain fully in control of the user at all times. Emphasis on privacy and security. Server never sees the users' private key. Supports wallets, custom addresses, seed addresses, multi-sig addresses, time locked addresses, and more. Users can also sign and broadcast custom transactions from this wallet service.

Work also underway on iOS and Andriod wallets from same community devs - will be added to mobile wallet section when available.


There's a paper wallet generator on github.

paperwallet.ravencoin.online - A universal open source client-side paper wallet generator for Ravencoin - can be downloaded and run offline.

How to use a paperwallet on Best practices page


No hardware wallet available yet.

Wallet Status Next action Further info
Ledger Community devs have submitted code. Waiting on Ledger to do their side. Probably a few weeks out due to workload (20180501) Check Discord Dev channel for more.
KeepKey Contacted On hold KeepKey

Further resources

Read the exchange how to in conjunction with this page as there is some overlap of content.

best practices