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Link Description Maintained by Ravencoin stats page, very useful site showing mining and pool stats. teh_director#8063
Ravencoin timeline 1 Timeline of Ravencoin launch and development events. unknown - possibly contactable via Chatturga#4827
Ravencoin timeline 2 Timeline of Ravencoin launch, development, tutorials, talks, events, and more. u/GL29PA

the "maintained by" name refers to usernames on Discord

Portfolio trackers

Blockfolio - prices available from both Crypto-Bridge and CryptoHub.

Getdelta - portfolio tracker that includes RVN. - portfolio tracker that includes RVN.

HODL app - iOS and Android (Github)

GPU mining software

Open source miners are available on our Mining page.

Nvidia miners on Mining page

AMD miners on Mining page

GPU hash rates

Check out FAQ hashrate



Profit Calculator Ravencoin calculator. - A very useful coin profit calculator - it estimate how many coins you can do per day depending on your hashrate.

Excel sheet for calculating how many coins pr MH/s Seal Clubber's xlsx

((hashrate*10^6)*5000*60*60*24)/(netdiff*(2^32)) = average coins pr day



Datnoid review of Ravencoin.