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Ravencoin is an open source project. Unlike other projects, most of the content about Ravencoin is community generated and managed. There are limited "official" websites and chats, the core dev team are only really focused on the software, with the community building other tools and projects.

"Through systems that let people have their opinions heard, we can have healthy debates, constructive criticism, and discover new perspectives. We won't all agree on every detail as our community moves forward. But we ALL want RVN to succeed in the long run. Working together we will find the way."


Ravencoin Core Team Managed

Developer meetings can be found on the freenode IRC network #ravencoin-dev, on the Ravencoin Community discord server #development-meetings channel (, and the Raven discord #dev-irc channel (

Ravencoin Community Managed

Site Description Maintained by
Ravencoin ANN thread bitcointalk. Discord Admins
Discord - Ravencoin Community Ravencoin Community Discord Discord Admins
Discord - Raven Raven Discord Discord Admins
Discord - Ravencoin (RVN) Lounge Ravencoin (RVN) Lounge Discord Discord Admins
Raven Gaming Discord Raven trivia and other games. Discord Admins
Telegram Channels
Ravencoindev Ravencoin Community Telegram Bianca_NL
RVNchina Chinese Ravencoin Telegram Eric CC
Ravencoinkorea Korean Ravencoin Telegram Bradar
/r/Ravencoin /r/Ravencoin subreddit linky#6010
/r/rvn /r/rvn subreddit /u/_____BW_____
Other community run forum. Kyzer#3433 The latest news and updates from the Ravencoin Project. S1LVA#6195 The latest news and updates from the Ravencoin Project BrownElvis#5108
Raven Forum community run forum. crowetic#4676 Realtime stats of rvn network teh_director#8063 Ravencoin information and blog Clint#1808
Ravencoin Timeline Ravencoin Timeline GL29PA (on Telegram)
Ravencoin Asset shop Ravencoin Asset Shop UserJonPizza#4510

Community Fundraising

There have been two relatively small fund raising events.

Meet ups

You can discover upcoming meetup events on the Ravencoin Meetups Google Calendar. And you can contact Pathfinder if you'd like to add your own event.

Mid Feb 2018

The video below is the first Ravencoin Dev meet up (mid-Feb 2018) which discusses the coin and development focus.

7th May 2018

Livestream from the Ravencoin meetup at Overstock HQ in Salt Lake City Utah on May 7th, 2018

1st hour

2nd hour

Slides are available on Google Docs

11th Oct 2018

Free State Blockchain Digital Assets Conference Day 2. The Ravening

International Ravencoin websites

  • Ravencoin Timeline - Ravencoin Timeline - tracking events in the development and growth of Ravencoin.

Reddit AMA

FaceBook groups

There are a few facebook groups for Ravencoin including:

Exchange liaison

Ravencoin Music

Previous releases

If you'd like to help edit here, please register and then chat with mapple#3283 on Ravencoin Community Discord.