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Ravencoin is an open source project. Unlike other projects, most of the content about Ravencoin is community generated and managed.

There are limited "official" websites and chats, the core dev team are only really focused on the software, with the community building up other tools and projects.

The page aims to point at some of those resources categorized by core or community run.

Ravencoin Core Team Managed core team website

RavenProject GitHub

Telegram discussion

Core social media accounts

Ravencoin on Twitter

RavencoinDev on Twitter

Ravencoin on Medium

Ravencoin Community Managed

Site Description Maintained by
Ravencoin ANN thread bitcointalk. Discord Admins
Raven Discord Community Discord Discord Admins
Raven Gaming Discord Raven trivia and other games. Discord Admins community run forum. Kyzer#3433 The latest news and updates from the Ravencoin Project. S1LVA#6195 The latest news and updates from the Ravencoin Project BrownElvis#5108
Raven Forum community run forum. crowetic#4676
/r/Ravencoin /r/Ravencoin subreddit linky#6010
Rikai daily updates back in early Feb 2018. rikai#2476 Realtime stats of rvn network teh_director#8063 Ravencoin information and blog Clint#1808

Meet ups

You can discover upcoming meetup events on the Ravencoin Meetups Google Calendar. And you can contact Pathfinder if you'd like to add your own event.

Recorded Meetups

Mid Feb 2018

The video below is the first Ravencoin Dev meet up (mid-Feb 2018) which discusses the coin and development focus.

7th May 2018

Livestream from the Ravencoin meetup at Overstock HQ in Salt Lake City Utah on May 7th, 2018

1st hour

2nd hour

Slides are available on Google Docs

International Ravencoin websites - work in progress when added

Ravencoin Timeline - Ravencoin Timeline - tracking events in the development and growth of Ravencoin.


There are several Ravencoin Twitter accounts worth following includes both core team and community members.

Reddit AMA

Ravencoin Devs AMA 24.04.2018

Bruce Fenton AMA 01.05.2018

Ravencoin on YouTube

With core team

The Etherplan video below is an interesting 1 hr with Tron and Bruce.

A transcription of the above video is available on github

Not specifically Ravencoin, but Bruce at the world blockchain forum 12th June 2018.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Other Ravencoin videos

Crypto Explorer Ravencoin Playlist - how to get started and more.

BitsBeTripping numerous Ravencoin / x16r videos - getting your rig set up, testing AMD and Nvidia mining of x16r.

Crypt Keeper a look at Ravencoin mining

Decentralized TV a look at Ravencoin

Javier Saavedra Ravencoin review

Laura Legends on Ravencoin

These were some of the early videos about Ravencoin. There's a significant amount more now. If you'd like to help list them, please register here and get in contact on Disord for write access.

FaceBook groups

Marketing resources

The Marketing page contains some community marketing resources.

Exchange liaison

Exchange FAQ for common questions asked by Exchanges.

Exchange How To - working page for the group liaising with exchanges.

If you'd like to help edit here, please register and then chat with mapple#3283 on discord.