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Link Description Maintained by Ravencoin burn page, useful to get a quick figure of how many Ravencoin are burned to make assets Patrikpatrik#9623
Ravencoin timeline 1 Timeline of Ravencoin launch and development events. unknown - possibly contactable via Chatturga#4827
Ravencoin timeline 2 Timeline of Ravencoin launch, development, tutorials, talks, events, and more. u/GL29PA

the "maintained by" name refers to usernames on Discord

Portfolio trackers

Blockfolio - prices available from CryptoHub.

Getdelta - portfolio tracker that includes RVN. - portfolio tracker that includes RVN.

HODL app - iOS and Android (Github)

GPU mining software

Mining software is available on our Mining page.

GPU hash rates

Check out FAQ hashrate



Profit Calculator Ravencoin calculator.

Charts Ravencoin Mini-Dashboard (ideal for Phone) - Maintained by u/GL29PA Ravencoin HD-Dashboard (ideal for Tablets & Computers) - Maintained by u/GL29PA Another Chart tools for RVN Bag Holders - Maintained by u/GL29PA


Datnoid review of Ravencoin.

Branding / Marketing

A branding kit is available on the marketing page