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Latest News: Ravencoin upgraded to version 4.6.1! (August 19, 2022). When updating, make sure you have backed up your wallet.dat file. If you are unsure or encounter issues when upgrading, please use #helpdesk channel at Ravencoin Community Discord.

Ravencoin (KR) is a project built on a code fork of bitcoin version 0.15.99. Ravencoin fairly launched on the 3rd of January 2018 without ICO, pre-mine or masternodes and was announced by Bruce Fenton on twitter. Ravencoin is focused on building open-source technology and has a strong and growing community. Ravencoin aims to implement simple issuance and management of tradable assets on a blockchain. To avoid centralized ASIC mining of Ravencoin, the developers created a new algorithm, X16R (FR, KR, DE). What made X16R unique is the changing order of 16 hashing algorithms based on the hash of the previous block. This random reordering of hashing algorithms made it temporarily resistant to mining ASICs. However, it became evident that X16R ASICs were developed and mining Ravenvoin in July 2019. In a response, X16R was adapted with a small modification to X16Rv2. This adaptation involved adding an extra hashing algorithm to three of the 16 existing ones. As X16RRv2 was only temporarily effective, the developer community made a more drastic algorithm change to prevent ASICs from dominating mining on the Ravencoin network and moved to KAWPOW. KAWPOW is a derivative of ProgPOW with parameters specifically for Ravencoin.

The core team has produced a roadmap with a development plan of 7 phases. The roadmap for the code development was published on the project's github on the 3rd of April 2018. The white paper (KR, DE) describing the background and intention of the project was published on the same date on Ravencoin.org and Bruce Fenton posted a Twitter thread summarizing some key points of the whitepaper and growth of the project to date. At the time of launch, the core team was funded by Medici Ventures who are owned by Overstock.com - Patrick Byrne, former CEO of Overstock, talks about Ravencoin in this BusinessInsider interview. A collection of interviews with Tron Black (lead dev), Patrick Byrne, and Bruce Fenton, is available here.

Ravencoin Asset Support since Launch (Nov 5th, 2018)

Since the launch of the asset layer, tens thousands of assets have been minted on the Ravencoin blockchain. These assets may represent any kind of tradable goods. Popular use cases are:

  • Non fungible tokens (NFTs) that may represent art, collectors items, digital objects, etc,
  • Security token offerings,
  • Real estate,
  • Supply chain items,
  • and more.

Many of these use cases are already realized on the Ravencoin blockchain. You will find a number of these asset use cases in the list below. We describe the asset launch date, the type of asset, additional company info, and the relation to the Ravencoin blockchain.

Date Type Company Company Info Relation to Ravencoin
10/16/2023 Token Experiment Jackdaw The Jackdaw Project is a digital scarcity experiment built on Ravencoin and limited to 50 coins. Jackdaw is a stand-alone cryptocurrency, created on the Ravencoin blockchain with no central authority.
12/29/2022 NFT 1337 Art Collection One Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty Seven digital art NFTs inspired by and tokenized on The Ravencoin Blockchain. NFT Art project launched by RVN community member CryptoLifeCrisis
07/02/2021 Mining Auto Game Gold Mine and earn digital online gaming products with your Nvidia & AMD Radeon GPUs. Powered by Ravencoin Blockchain. Built for gamers by gamers. Uses Ravencoin mining for rewarding users with gaming currencies.
06/15/2022 L2 MeCo MeCo is a censorship-resistant P2P platform built on the Ravencoin network. Blockchain-powered, P2P social media marketing platform.
03/08/2022 STO RenewaBlox RenewaBlox is an Eco-Friendly Bitcoin mining startup tokenized on the Ravencoin network. RenewaBlox is using Ravencoin for their STO.
01/14/2022 NFT Unwoke Funding UnWoke Funding is where blockchain meets filmmaking by bringing awareness of Asset Tokenization and decentralized media distribution to the next generation of filmmakers. UnWoke Funding uses Ravencoin to tokenize, create NFTs and provide crowdfunding for film projects.
01/10/2022 STO BRIKbc Australian Real Estate Property available to all on the BlockChain BrikBC will tokenize property on the Ravencoin blockchain
12/20/2021 NFT Simplebee Honeybee Conservation Organization Simplebee.org uses Ravencoin as part of their Honeybee Conservation Organization
12/20/2021 STO WETx Water rights, use, and Markets rooted on blockchain. Tokenizes water and water rights on Ravencoin in the dry and water-constrained regions of the world.
21/12/2021 STABLECOIN Perper Tokenized Euro for Balken's digital future Perper is a stablecoin issued on a 1-1 basis against the Euro.
10/--/2021 NFT Mellori Market Best summarized as an "NFT Vending Machine", Mellori is a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs on the Ravencoin blockchain. Mellori Market is a community-driven website that serves as a middleman for artists and collectors.
22/09/2021 NFT Degen Smokers Club The Degen Smokers Club is a generative art project 3,333 Degen Smokers are being minted on the Ravencoin Blockchain.
09/06/2021 NFT Cat Bits Cat Bits is a Pixel Art Collection about Cats. All Cat Bits are minted in the Ravencoin Blockchain and only 500 Cat Bits will be forever be released. CATBITS
11/05/2021 STO B.A.F.E. Group Builds Modular homes from shipping containers. Uses Ravencoin for their STO
30/04/2021 STO Blockchain Realtor Realtor of tokenized Real Estate. Uses Ravencoin to tokenize real estate
not sure NFT SYNTH Digital Guild on the RVN Network This will be a guide to using Atomic Swaps on RVN, this can now be done from the raven core wallet
16/04/2021 STO Lotus Energy Community-owned clean energy generator, energy transfer and energy storage network Uses Ravencoin for their STO
--/01/2021 Game token The Humble Miner Mobile game in the app store Uses Ravencoin token PKBIT as in game currency.
05/01/2021 NFT RVNFT NFT Creation Service On The Ravencoin Blockchain Ravencoin NFT Art Agent service.
01/03/2021 Community Braveland Virtual meetup platform Our mission is to connect crypto and blockchain communities. We want to support decentralized communities and educate individuals.
03/31/2021 STO BAFE Group Bizz Plan and White Paper The B.A.F.E Group, LLC uplifts the communities we serve by creating Economic Growth, Economic Empowerment and Generational Wealth. Our mission is to make a global impact while empowering the lives of others. Ninety (90%) of our projects are within Qualified Opportunity Zones in the USA.
04/13/2021 L2 RavenCoin IPFS Ravencoin IPFS Tools. A new IPFS storage platform for the RVN community, with drag and drop files, folders, and encryption. Advanced IPFS Management for Ravencoin Users
04/18/2021 L2 TING Finance A free and open Ravencoin token platform. Benefit hypothesis: Increased adoption of open source blockchain ecosystems, such as Ravencoin makes the world a better place.
04/16/2021 L2 GradeSynth Digital Item grading & tokenization We offer a fully digital grading & ownership record alternative for your collectibles based on the RVN blockchain.
10/26/2020 STO Alphapoint Tokensoft In relation to this STO, Alphapoint and Tokensoft also integrated Ravencoin.
10/05/2020 L2 TopTechsCalifornia LLC TopTechsCalifornia LLC provides Information Security Consulting Services for Corporations, Government, and the Private and Public Sectors. TTC LLC supports cutting-edge technologies surrounding information security and financial technologies.
30/05/2020 STO DKH Gallery Art Gallery Uses Ravencoin to track art transactions, pay out rewards to token holders, message token holders, and let token holders vote (DKH)
05/05/2020 L2 IPAssets Intellectual Property Portfolio management tools Uses assets and asset capabilities for intellectual property (IP) recognition, crowd funding for University IP assets, and IP fractionalized interests (IPASSETS)
07/01/2020 L2 GORAVEN Blockchain Oracle solutions GORAVEN offers Blockchain Oracle solutions to facilitate data consistency and transparency.
20/12/2019 L2 FinClusive KYC Platform Finclusive has developed a service that will integrate with the Ravencoin platform to satisfy KYC requirements for issuing legally compliant token offerings.
10/11/2019 STO Scotsrum Scottish Rum distillery Uses Ravencoin to tokenise the project, distributing its produce using blockchain and crypto payments.
20/09/2019 NFT Project 33 An artist collective organization creating high-grade Murrine artwork and glass coins. A project involving the creation and sale of physical assets (handmade glass Ravencoin art coins) that convey ownership of Art Units which correspond to ownership tokens on the Ravencoin blockchain. Uses asset ARTUNITS. Example of subasset for a specific glass coin: ARTUNITS/RAVEN#P33-0619-1-026
20/05/2019 NFT NVRMOR.io Crypto Collective Art Project Uses Ravencoin to tokenize art. Uses asset NVRMOR
20/05/2019 L2 EQUA Start EQUA Start is a platform for cap table management Uses Ravencoin for capitalization tables and messaging. (EQUA)
15/04/2019 NFT Vinsent Wine Blockchain-based platform that enables wineries and wine lovers to connect directly and trade wine. Uses Ravencoin to tokenize wine futures and will introduce new features, e.g. tracking features, P2P tokens transfers and more. (VINSENT_WINE)
24/02/2019 Token experiment Blockchain Economics Club Nonprofit Project at Southern Illinois University. University members gain SALUKICOIN for participation and will be using ravencoin voting to change the name in later club meetings.


STO Assure Services Provides administrative and transaction services for the private investment marketplace 12/11/18: Issued 700 Ravencoin assets

01/02/19: Put their first Special Purpose Vehicle on RVN.

18/12/2018 STO Medici Ventures Inc

Chainstone Labs

Medici Ventures (wholly-owned subsidiary of Overstock.com) works on advancing blockchain technology.

Chainstone labs is a technical advisory and investment company.

Medici Ventures completed a $3.6 million securities token transfer using Ravencoin for a equity purchase in Chainstone labs.

Live video here (3 min).

06/12/2018 NFT BitsBeTrippin Cryptocurrency Channel/Store, since 2013 Bits Be Trippin' offers 'The Boring Not a Flamethrower Ravencoin Asset Linking Service' to help bridge the gap of unique assets with real world assets using Ravencoin. Explanation video here. (7 min).
14/11/2018 NFT LoftVR Builds Virtual Reality Arcades LoftVR is offering a limited edition art piece of a Tron Countach
06/11/2018 L2 Crafty Hands Music, ASCAP An independent publishing company administering the rights and licensing of our affiliated Artist's compositions, including: royalties management, collection and distribution of writer's and artist's shares, and targeted promotions. Using RVN to track and manage publishing shares


L2 Ravenland Ravenland is a community driven and ran global software house that produces tools for the Ravencoin Network. With open source retail + community ownership as emphasis it is the worlds first global community blockchain developer company on Ravencoin network.
02/11/2018 STO Comistar


TokenizEU is a security token issuance platform that helps to structure security token offerings and comply with the regulations in the European Union, as well as issue tokens and enable investors to participate in the offerings. Comistar Global uses Ravencoin for their TokenizEU STO platform.
31/10/2018 L2 Blocknerds.io Provides dApp and Smart Contract development on several major blockchain protocols using on-chain and off-chain solutions. Uses Ravencoin and IPFS to build a decentralized Web. Demo video here. (2 min).

Please contact the moderators on Ravencoin Community Discord if you would like to have your company added here. We are actively editing this list with updates and we try to include anything that we can find. If you see your project or company listed here and wish that the description should be changed or that the listing should be removed. Please let us know. Last update: May 4th, 2022

Other (Spotted) Asset Projects

Ravencoin Github Related sites

Weblink Short description
Raven Project Raven coin source code
Raven Community Miner, nodes and Raven related utilities.
Raven Foundation Ravencoin Foundation official github. Note: Ravencoin has no officials
Raven Trader Pro The first and (currently) only integrated application for creating asset buy, sell, and trade orders for the ravencoin network via raw transactions
@Push Push is back, full of very cool Raven stuff
Tron Black First and still lead Developer, as much as there is one for Raven, and possibly the coolest name on the planet
Mangofarmassets Please check out RIP, (Ravencoin Improvement Proposal), 11 through 14. World Changing!
Raven Marketing Grab or contribute to the marketing material
RVN Dev Meeting Ravencoin Development Meetings, held on Fridays in the Ravencoin Community Discord server
Jeroz The most helpful person in the Ravencoin community and most knowledgeable of all things surrounding Ravencoin
Hans-Schmidt Resources for Devs wanting to learn more about Ravencoin
SoulessComputerBoy Asset Super Spammer and Ravencoin Address Gatherer
Corviato Ravencoin voting solution and other Raven related information. Regularly maintained
RealBokito Extended Ravencoin Metadata Specification
Kendbull Development meeting agendas. Add a question
Kawpow Pool Highly Efficient mining pool for Raven coin kawpow algo!
Dirty Harry Dev More KAWPOW mining pool tools
fdoving Raven Core integration/staging tree
RavenRebels Learn how to develop stuff with Ravencoin (RVN) and modern web technology
Use Cases Ravencoin use case ideas. Read, comment and add your ideas. Feel free to use any ideas but let the community know
IPFS IPFS Official github
IPFS gateways This is an IPFS tool for testing the availability of gateways and previewing ipfs resources

Ravencoin Currency Support

Company Ravencoin Support
NOWPayments Integrate NOWPayments and start receiving online payments in crypto OR take fiat payments and receive crypto!
Metal Pay Matal Pay allows you to use Ravencoin using its payment service
Crypto.com Crypto.com supports RVN and is a cryptocurrency service and wallet that allows you to Buy, Sell and Pay with Crypto.
Vinsent.wine Vinsent.wine supports RVN as payment for their on RVN tokenized wine futures
Anypay Anypay supports Ravencoin as payment currency.
Coinpayments.net Coinpayments is a borderless online payments platform and cryptocurrency wallet that serves as a payment alternative for consumers and merchants. See: https://blog.coinpayments.net/coin-spotlight/ravencoin
Spend.com Spend.com provides a multi-currency digital wallet that enables you to store and spend cryptocurrencies and fiat using your smart phone or Spend Visa Card.
Ternio Blockcard Blockcard (Crypto debit card) wants to support Ravencoin if there are ~1000 sign ups through: https://getblockcard.com/i/ravencoin. This invite link is purely to measure Ravencoin support and nobody benefits from the referral link. When loading CC to their wallet, they convert this into Tern, which is the currency that is used for the transactions during card payments / withdrawals.
Vault Logic ATM Vault Logic Crypto Currency 2-Way ATM supports Ravencoin
CoinText Send and receive Ravencoin in the US with a mobile phone.

(Text START to 1–603–301–4606 to begin).

ThePlaza shop Allows you to pay with RVN.

Ravencoin Blockchain parameters

Block Time: 1 minute

Block Reward: 2500 RVN

Total Coin Supply: 21 Billion

Type: Proof of Work (PoW)

Next Halving: Block 4,200,000 (~January 11th, 2026)